Tech Support

How to Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues

  • Check how many devices are connected to the Internet. Turning off devices that aren’t actively being used improves internet speed.
    • Turn off unused devices
  • Try restarting the router. Doing this semi-frequently helps with internet speed, especially if you haven’t rebooted in over a month.
    • See instructions below

How To Restart (Reboot) Your Internet

  • Find your router — look for blinking lights. (See diagram)
  • Find the PoE (Power Over Ethernet) box connected to the router. It is the size of a deck of cards. (See diagram)
  • Unplug the PoE box from the wall outlet.
  • Unplug the router itself.  DO NOT PRESS THE RESET BUTTON ON THE ROUTER.
  • Watch the lights stop blinking and turn off. After 30 seconds, plug the cords back into the PoE box and test to see if your internet has resumed working. Note: It’s extremely important to wait the full 30 seconds.

It’s normal to reboot once a month. If you are restarting/rebooting more than once a week or if you are still running into slow-internet problems after your reboot, call us at (888) 959-0222. (Open Monday–Friday, 8AM–8PM | Saturday, 9AM–5PM)


Router — Your router is a small device that takes information from the modem (antenna or satellite) and delivers it to your computer. A router allows you to connect wirelessly to the Internet on more than one device.

PoE injector — The term “PoE” stands for “Power over Ethernet”. It connects to your indoor router and can be either a black or white box the size of a deck of cards.